If you are interested in nose surgery, you may have some questions regarding how
nose surgeries are performed, where incisions are made, whether scars are

Nose surgery can largely be divided into the open and closed method.

After an incision is made across the nostrils and
columella, the skin is raised to expose the cartilage
and bone structures within.
This method is used to get an open view of the
interior nose structures when the framework of
the nose needs an adjustment in its height,
width, or length.
Scars are only visible from a closer view,
and they disappear in 2- 3 months.
Closed Incision
Procedure is performed through small incision
made inside the nostrils.
This method is used to slightly raise the tip
or bridge.
It has an advantage of concealing scars, but can
only be used for relatively simple procedures
due to the difficulty of gaining access to the
interior view.

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